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We’re looking for investors to carry out the reform of buildings in

PLAZA DE BAIX,  44-46-48-54-56-58

Built in 1800,

Reformed in 1960

Approximately 10 households about 100m2 each. Also in great condition for a countryside hotel

Map situation in Valencia Spain
50 Km. away west from beach (Gandia)
80 Km. away southeast from Valencia city
60 Km. away from northeast of Alicante city
All three spots conected by freeway

signales by yellow pin

Building Site in Ontinyent’s city map
Signaled by red arrow

Front façade  Plaça de baix 54-56-58

Back Façade Plaça de baix 44-46-48

Whole roof area bordered in red

View of the thirteenth century bridge

 view from the house

river surroundings from the house

rock caves at ground level

hand made sketch

 Inner outline for first floor approx. area 230 m2

Second floor approx. area 360 m2

Third floor approx. 480 m2

Fourth floor attics A 45 m2  B 55 m2

sketch from all the buildings in the records office in thick blue borders and the new inner yard and elevator

Measures taken from Google earth (low accuracy)
First floor 230 m2.
Second floor 360 m2.
Third floor 480 m2.
Attics 100 m2.

Total (approximate) 1.170 m2.

Ground level caves are excluded from the project as they are considered a cultural heritage, that is the reason of area increasing as first and second floor share space with such caves.



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